Special Upcoming events

I will be doing my full honey bee presentation at these events. The "MRI" picture hives will be on display as well as other beekeeping equipment. There will also be some honey tasting, hopefully some of the girls will provide some fresh honey as well.

Abita Springs March 17th 2019

Abita Springs Tree Symposium @ The Abita springs trail Head


Gator Tail 5k Trail at Tamanend March 23rd 2019


I would like to express special thanks to the BETA club from Northshore High School for helping me out on this one.

About how my girls are raised


Natural comb

I prefer to allow my girls to build their own natural comb to live rather than plastic foundation. They are given a southern yellow pine frame with a strip of beeswax to guide them in the direction I would prefer them to build their comb. Most of the time it works out, however sometimes the artistic side come out and they build some really interesting thing with in the box. Here is Queen Julie on some freshly build comb a few days after housing the swarm.


Artistic Comb

Here is an example of some of the crazy comb build that goes on when using foundation-less frames.


Do you feed your bees sugar

No, it is not common practice for me to feed my bees. I would rather harvest less honey and allow them to enjoy the fruits of their labor.  I will feed them sugar water if they appear healthy in all respects as some of my bees are collected too late in the season for them to build up. Also in the fall as the plants are reduced they will often rob hummingbird feeders, notice the red colored "honey" near the top right.