Honey - Out currently

I am currently out of honey, when it becomes available again it will be $10 pint for jarred honey, $20 for a 4" cut comb chunk or $60 for a full frame of comb.



Wax is a very valuable resource for the beekeeper, I will sell a limited amount wax at $20 pound. This wax comes from my own hives which are never treated with chemicals or removals which have bees still living in parts of the comb.



Swarms will be sold on a first come first serve basis at $75. I will help you install them in your hive and mark the queen if you like. I would like to note that all my swarms are caught on natural comb medium size frames.

Swarm removal and relocation


I do not have a set price for as of yet for the removal of honey bees, but I certainly can not afford to continue doing it for free. Any reasonable offer to offset the time and expense is much appreciated. However if you wish for me to do repairs then minimum charge is $75 or $35 an hour plus materials.

Consultations / Inspections


If you wish for me to come and spend some time in your bee yards with you I am asking $25. I will help you with inspection, splits, marking queens etc.