January, February, March

Here in Lacombe Louisiana this some of the places I find the girls working



Hit and a miss on this on, never witness great activity here but somewhat steady once they find it.



Rarely have I found one of these without honey bees working. There seems to be two types, one that flowers then gets leaves and the other just the opposite.



The bees seem to really like this one as they will start on it as soon as the first couple of blooms open. What I like most about these trees is that they seem to pace their blooming more evenly over several weeks compared to some the pear trees which seem to have a shorter blooming time.

Tung oil


The first time I saw one of these in bloom there could not have been more than half a dozen open flowers on it. But sure enough it was enough to keep a bee there all day. The amount of pollen in these blooms very great, the bee I was watching had to groom herself every few seconds so she could see.



These seem to provide a good deal of pollen and as they start blooming in December which makes them high on my list. Any days where the temps hit close to 50f the bees are on it in force.



Another one of those hit and miss plants for the bees. I have noticed that the bees have more interest on sunny days than over cast days.